How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

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Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is becoming very popular in the weight loss market, and for good reason.

ACV has a number of benefits which include improving digestive health, a natural detoxifier from pollutants and plastics and an appetitie suppressant.

Below I have put together some useful tips and suggestions for how you can use ACV on a day-to-day basis so that you can reap the rewards from it.

I’ll go through why it’s healthy, how it’s made, when to use it and which brands to buy as there are some poor quality brands out there.

Here we go…

How To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For

Weight Loss

What Is It?

ACV is basically fermented apple juice which has been left for 3-4 weeks. It turns from a juice, to an alcohol, to a vinegar. Then it’s ready to drink.


What Are The Health BenefitsĀ  of ACV?

The healthier you become the easier and more naturally you will lose weight. So I feel it’s important to mention all the incredible benefits andĀ  uses of ACV to show how versatile it is:

  • Curing colds
  • Natural teeth whitener
  • Natural skin toner
  • Household cleaner
  • Heal poison Ivy
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Remove warts
  • Natural deoderant
  • Acid reflux cure
  • Relieve allergies
  • Repels fleas
  • Soothes sunburn
  • Balances blood sugar
  • Ease varicose veins
  • Anti-fungal
  • Hair conditioner
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Candida cleanse
  • Prevent hair loss
  • Relieve headaches
  • Kill cancer cells and slow growth of tumors
  • Pet care

The list is endless. So you can see how incredible ACV is not only for weight loss but also you general health and longevity providing you with a more natural and less toxic cleaner.


So What’s In It?

ACV doesn’t contain magical ingredients from Harry Potter, but what it does contain are some very simple yet powerful nutrients which when combined produce some phenomenal benefits:

  • High in acetic acid which helps to slow down the digestion of starches thus steadying your blood sugar levels.


  • High in potassium. This important mineral is useful for muscular contractions, nerve impulses and a healthy cardiovascular system. If you exercise a lot then potassium is a must as is an essential electroylte along with sodium


  • High in malic acid giving ACV it’s anti-fungal/bacterial/viral properties.


  • High in ash. If you drink a lot of coffee, protein or alcohol then your body will be tipping towards the acidic end of the pH spectrum. Ash, found in ACV, helps to alkalise the body therefore keeping the body at a more neutral pH.


Why Is It So Good For Weight Loss?

1. Balances Blood Sugar Levels

ACV has proven to be effective at supressing the speed at which glucose enters the blood thus lowering the peak glucose and insulin secretion. ACV does this by slowing down gastric emptying therefore causing a drip effect on nutrients into the blood stream rather than a full blown tsunami.

2. Stops You From Storing Fat

The acetic acid found in ACV has been shown in research to block fat accumulation. ACV helps to boost your metabolism thus burn fat faster. So not only will you burn your own fat faster, but you’ll also prevent more fat being stored. Double winner!


3. Detoxifies the Liver

Our bodies have to process lots of toxins and estrogenics everyday from plaatics, heavy metals to cosmetics and sun creams. The good thing is that ACV helps to metabolise these estrogenics and toxins by latching on to them and dragging them through and out of your digestive system.


4. Supports Your Digestive System

The high amounts of acetic acid, ash and malic acid help you digestive system to absorb more nutrients from the food you’re eating. This therefore helps to boost your satiety as your body is receiving more nutrients. It’s much harder to eat 500g of Sweet Potatoes than 500g of Donuts because of the nutrient density. The less nutrient dense a food is the more your body thinks it needs to eat to get the same nutrition from it.

As well as that, ACV is fantastic probiotic-rich drink. By drinking it regularly you can expect to to enjoy better gut health.


When Should You Use It?

There are many different ways reported by nutritionists and experts a like on the best way to ingest ACV. Here’s the best I’ve found to take it:

Drink 1 teaspoon-tablespoon of ACV in a glass of water 30 minutes before your mealsthis will help to suppress your appetite and aid digestion. Start with a teaspoon then if it agrees with you then you can creep up to a tablespoon. Or if drinking it doesn’t work then try pouring it over your salad or food.


How Often Can You Use It?

If you’re just starting out I’d add it to one meal per day then gradually, every 3 weeks, add another serving with another meal till you are up to 3 times a day. Don’t go overboard.


Which Brand Of ACV Is Best?

There are a lot of great brands out there but also some pretty poor ones. This goes for all supplements and health products. For ACV we have one clear favourite.

Crossgates Award Winning Apple Cider Vinegar is without doubt the best brand on the market. It’s organic, raw, unpasteurised and has the highest mineral content of all other ACVs.


Other FAQ’s About ACV…

What is the shelf life of ACV?

As long as it is kept out of direct sunlight and stored in a cool, dry place then you could expect yoru ACV to last 3-5 years.


Does ACV need to be refrigerated?

No need for refrigeration. Just keep out of direct sunlight and in a cupboard should be grand.


Can ACV the best type of vinegar to drink?

No not necessarily. ACV is much sweeter tasting than white wine vinegar so depends on your taste buds and what you’re having it with.


What is the “mother” and does it add nutrients to the vinegar?

The “mother” is the cloudy look of many apple cider vinegars where remnants are left at the bottom due to the manufacturers not filtering the fermented vinegar. Most people prefer “mother” containing vinegars as they say the taste is better. Up to you on this one.

So that’s a wrap for apple cider vinegar and how to use it for weight loss.


P.s. ACV has also been shown to help with sleep issues. Try mixing a tablespoon of ACV in a cup of hot water with some hoeny before and 1-2 caps of Zonk and you’ll be well on your way to a more restful night’s sleep.








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