8 Instant Weight Loss Shortcuts If You Weigh Over 200lbs.

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The tips we will be sharing with you below are perfect if you feel you’ve tried every weight loss trick in the book or have done diet programs which haven’t stuck in the past.

Low calories diets, detoxes, juicing, shakes and so many other faddy diets are to blame here which promote radical, short term changes which allow you to lose weight initially, but as soon as you stop, then the weight comes back on + MORE.

This is because they focus on extreme calorie reduction. If you starve anyone they will lose weight, but that will be muscle and fat. We want to mainly get rid of fat as longevity and health is linked to having higher amounts of lean muscle tissue. So the more muscle you have the better chances you have of living longer!

These starvation strategies aren’t sustainable, otherwise they would become your lifestyle and not a diet. A diet is a short term conquest where you look to lose weight in a short time period then look to go back to “normal” eating afterwards.

The word diet is one of my least favourite words as it achieves nothing but more weight gain and psychological trauma in the long term.

The annoying thing is that you know that you desperately want to lose weight, be thin and free, but no matter what you have tried it doesn’t work or stay.

The Weight Loss Psychy

Weight loss is all to do with replacing your current habits with more effective and sustainable habits that promote fat loss. Therefore we have to change your psychological approach to food first, before we start to look at calorie counting, macronutrients, gut health, etc.

As well as the above, you have got to be patient and consistent which are the hardest traits to keep up. Especially in our day and age with social media making out everyone’s lives are so perfect and wonderful all the time and the fact that everything is done at a moment’s notice, we are not used to waiting and being patient.

Everything is next day delivery and we get used to that. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with the human body. It’s a little slower and needs time to adjust in order to make permanent changes.

The longer and more consistent you can be with implementing some of the tips below the faster you will see big changes.

If you can lock in, focus, and be present for this article, Charlie and I are going to do our best to knock our heads together to give you the easiest tips to help you lose weight and finally achieve your dreams.

8 Instant Weight Loss Shorcuts If You Weigh Over 200lbs.

These tips below have been chosen to allow you to immediately start making positive lifestyle changes which, without you really realising, will cause you to lose weight. Some of these may seem obvious but often need to be re-iterated to demonstrate their importance.

  1. Track Your Food

The first thing that you should start doing is track your food. Whether it’s via MyFitnessPal which is fantastic and super easy, or simply by just taking photographs of your main meals.

We get our clients to track all their food and drink for 28 days and provide them with NO ADVICE. That’s right. They purely just track what thye are currently doing for a month.

Guess what happens?

They realised what they were eating isn’t healthy or how much they were eating was excessive. It made them more mindful of their eating habits. My clients actually started to figure our for themselves what they needed to do on their own without much input from me.

Just by tracking your food intake you become more aware of what you are putting in your mouth which often leads to you realising that you could be making smarter choices, more frequently. By taking photographs of your meals you can see portion sizes, colours, balance of protein-carbs-vegetables, food quality and how much care you take over your food. Do you just slap it on a plate or take time and effort over what you cook?

My clients have huge success from putting this simple first step in place without any help from me. You simply start to fix yourself.

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

What does your kitchen look like? Do you have lots of food on the counter top, is it hidden in cupboards and where is all the food kept?

We are inheritantly lazy creatures that’s why we have continually invented things to allow us to do or move less. Why throw a spear to hunt an animal, when you could use a bow and arrow, which then later got replaced by rifles. This goes for food as well, in a way.

Generally, we will eat anything that is most convenient or easiest to get to. If you have a fruit bowl filled with lots of fresh fruits then you’ll eat more fruit. However, if you’re “fruit bowl” is filled with chocolates crisps then you’ll probably eat those, whereas the fruit is kept downstairs in the garage behind a big bag.

You’re less likely to go for the fruit in the latter situation right?

So what you can do right away is put any unhealthy, processed foods in a really inconvenient place like the back of cupboard or even in the bin. Then purchase or place all your healthy food in easy to access places.

This simple little psychological trick will guarantee you success when it comes to making the right choices.

If your home has no junk food, then you probably won’t eat junk, right?

3. Eat At The Table, Not In Front Of The TV

Sitting at a table tells your brain you’re having a meal. Research has shown that people who sit in front of the TV when eating tend to eat more fatty foods and calories than those who eat at a table.

The reason why is because your attention is not on your food but on your favourite TV program. Your brain forgets how much you’ve eaten and forgets you’re getting full.

So make sure to eat a table in future with no TV. Be mindful of the food you’re eating and listen to your body when it starts to say it’s full.

4. Chew Your Food 25 times

This is a really simple and effective way for you to start eating less and improving your digestion. Some people literally only chew their food a couple of times before swallowing. This is horrendous for your digestive system which has to work really hard trying to break down these huge portions of food you’re gulping down.

And the funny thing is that research supports this theory of extra chewing = less overall food intake. So next time try and chew your mouthful for 20-30 times before swallowing. You’ll notice much sooner that normal you will start to feel full and not need to eat as much.

5. Eat From Smaller Plates.

Buffets are the worst for this. Have you had it where they have either small or large plates to choose from and you always end up picking up the large plate piling a mountain of food on it so you don’t have to get back up again?

I know I do and I’m ashamed of myself.

Like I mentioned earlier, using smaller plates means that you can’t fit as much food on your plate compared to large plates, thus requiring more effort for you to go and get more food.

Try using small plates and you’ll notice that your brain will just say “No” to more.

6. 2 Meal Day

Breakfast in the Western world is a pile of sugar.

Milk, toast, cereal, fruit, pastries, etc. the list goes on for all the junk we tend to consume at breakfast.

The problem with eating so many carbs and sugar at breakfast is that it promotes serotonin which is you’re happy neurotransmitter where all you want to do is chill out and relax, not get up, drop the kids off, go to work, go to the gym and get stuff done. For this, we need dopamine and noradrenaline.

Not only that, but our insulin sensitivity is probably the worst in the morning meaning we can’t utilise the suagr we are eating in the morning thus getting stored as fat. This is as a result of us naturally producing high amounts of cortisol in the morning which competes with insulin. If insulin is increased through sugary breakfasts then cortisol is reduced leading to hormonal imbalances.

The best time for carbohydrates are straight after your workout or in the evening before bed as they make your feel sleepy.

A really simple way to take advantage of our natural hormonal cycle, reduce inflammation and increase your insulin sensitivity to lose weight is by only eating lunch and dinner.

This style of eating is known more commonly as Intermittant Fasting. Max Lowery from 2MealDay is passionate about this way of eating and has helped thousands of people, and ourselves, who have struggled with other styles of dieting with his very simple strategy of just eating 2 meals a day.

If you’re unsure about Intermittant Fasting then here’s a video of Max going through 3 of the most common myths regarding Intermittent Fasting:


7. Walk Further

Walking a little more each day can do wanders for your figure. I’m not asking you to walk 10,000 steps a day. All I’m suggesting is that you maybe take the stairs rather than the elevator, or get off one tube stop early to walk an extra 10 minutes, or park in the furthest car parking bay at the supermarket.

All these little extra steps over the course of a day, week or month all add up and help you burn more calories. The more you can move the better so try and find any excuse to do so. You will shed you’re unwanted, stubborn weight much faster.

8. Drink

A lot of my clients in the past have confused hunger for hydration. By simply adding more water to your day it will often put those previous fake hunger pangs at bay.

If you’re not keen on drinking water because you find the taste boring then have a look at our other article on 4 Easy Ways to Drink More Water.


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