What Makes Us Different

LoveBrainFood doesn't just provide cognitive enhancing supplements, but also provides you with tools to find out exactly which supplements and what style of nutrition will best suit your demands for your mind and body. Our mission is to prevent people from wasting money on supplements and give you what you need, not what everyone else may need. Our formulas are designed to merge traditional Eastern medicine with science-driven Western medicine to bring you "hybrid" supplements where you actually feel the difference. This is how the process works:

Take the 5 minute questionnaire

Pop in your email address and we’ll send you a mini questionnaire for you to fill out. Here you’ll see which neurotransmitter/s you are deficient in and which products would best suit you at what dose.

Choose the right supplement/test for you.

We’ll do this part and if GABA deficient take a look at our first product Zonk to reduce anxiety/stress/improve sleep quality.

We’ll deliver it to your door!

Zonk is available for shipment to the US and UK totally FREE! Also, take a look at our Macro or Micronutrient home test kits to find out what macros percentages you need and which vitamins/mineral you are deficient in.

No effects after 1st serving or 100% of your money back guarantee.

At LoveBrainFood we don’t mess around. We believe in results and specificity so if you’ve been through the process then you should get results – simples!

About Love Brain Food

The story of Love Brain Food so far...

Love brain food was the result of postgraduate psychology and physiology geeks passionately discussing the benefits of functional medicine (nutritional treatments) on the mind and body. We started researching and experimenting with functional medicine to aid our own cognitive and physical performance in exams, international sport competitions and everyday life. Being the health nerds that we are we disliked taking chemically enhanced pills and we experienced frustration at the amount of individual supplements that we were taking. It became apparent that there was a gap in the market for complete natural supplements that combine the most effective remedies in one package. After many hours of research and testing with our biochemist and nutritionist friends, Zonk, our first complete natural sleep supplement, was created! All of the ingredients are natural and have been shown to improve sleep quality. At Love Brain Food everything is research based and we only make products that we use ourselves. We have been sleeping very well recently and so have our family and friends! Do you ever have difficulties sleeping? If so, why not give Zonk a go? We believe in our product so much that we are offering a 100% money back guarantee if you do not notice a difference, so there is nothing to loose. Happy zzzzzzzing!



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